Healthcare Reform Bill
Healthcare Reform Bill
Patient Safety Through Innovation

Rx Advantage, Inc. is a state-of-the-art solution in pharmacy services that is changing the way long-term, multi-patient, facilities are approaching the daily administration of medications. The true Rx Advantage is most obvious in the Advantage Pac. This unique “tamper-evident, compliance-packaging” has the patient's name, drug, dose, drug description and administration time printed directly on the package.

The Advantage Pac is a multi-unit dose easy to read, separate, tear-open prepoured package produced by automated dispensing machines, ensuring the seven R’s of medication: Right patient, Right drug, Right dose, Right time, Right route of administration, Right reason and the Right documentation.

Patient Care
Nurses report that typical med-pass times are being reduced by as much as 50% by the Advantage Pac method. As med-pass times are reduced nurses have more time to spend with their patients, which can result in more personalized attention for each patient, thus improving patient care.

Patient Safety
Advantage Pac provides all the necessary information to ensure the right patient is receiving the right drugs, the right dose, at the right time, via the right route. Advantage Pac also provides the medication description which is unavailable in most traditional packaging systems. 

Two pharmacists, with the help of barcode technology, approve medication for each patient. The “auto-reorder” of routine oral solids saves time for nurses and ensures timely delivery of medications. The Batch Update process for the Advantage Pac provides the ability to handle any changes in medications.

Cost Containment
Rx Advantage provides a variety of cost containment benefits, including: actual billing for Medicare Part A days, reduced med-pass time, less inventory on hand, leave-of-absence medications, and potentially increased facility bed days and nurse retention.

Customer Service
Every aspect of the Rx Advantage experience is designed to reduce stress and ensure quality. Each step in the Rx Advantage system is designed to be user-friendly, from access to pharmacists around-the-clock to our in-house billing department, Rx Advantage cuts response times and provides a direct link to our people..