Healthcare Reform Bill
Healthcare Reform Bill
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With today's demanding healthcare environment, your facility needs a pharmacy that provides quality services, convenient compliance packaging, cost containment and professional support. With our experienced staff, serving patients from a variety of population settings, Rx Advantage can provide an Advantage Pac delivery system for your medication needs.

  • Cost Containment Service

    Retrospective Billing
    Rx Advantage creates transactions retrospectively for services provided during the past 30 days. Rx Advantage also utilizes start-stop order entry process of cycle-fill items which allows for the resident to be billed for only the items the patient actually consumed during the past 30 days.

    Customized Dispensing Cycles
    Rx Advantage allows facilities to purchase a 7 day supply of medication instead of 15 or 30 days like some pharmacies. Thus facilities and residents are not billed for 15 or 30 day supply when only 3 days are needed.

    Personal Pharmacy Billing
    Rx Advantage’s billing specialists are trained in long term care billing requirements. In addition, all of our personnel are located in one facility. Billing personnel are located in the same location as our pharmacists, technicians, nurses, etc. instead of separate locations or even different states. This allows them to service you better.