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Customer Testimonial
Elizabeth Skipper, Director of Nursing
Somerby of Mobile

What do you like best about Rx Advantage, Inc.?
Rx Advantage is a very customer service oriented  company. They are always available to take the time needed to work through any problem. Rx Advantage gives immediate priority to any drug related concerns and they are very attentive to any of our facility’s needs. Not only do they respond to the facility but to our residents and sponsors questions about billing, alternate drugs, etc.

What do you like most about the Rx Advantage Pac?

This is the easiest system I have seen in my 20 years as a long-term care professional. The Rx Advantage Pac med-pass system has cut down on the time it takes nurses to complete the med-pass and it makes it very easy to know who has been given their medication and who still needs their medication. Rx Advantage has made the daily med-pass something to look forward to instead of the nightmare associated with other systems.

The Rx Advantage Pac system also makes re-ordering medications very simple; staff no longer has to pull labels to build a medication order. This system allows us to order exactly what we need for residents, eliminating charges for medication that will not be used.

What are nurses saying about the Advantage Pac?

Our nurses love the Rx Advantage Pac. So much so, we use Rx Advantage as a selling point to new nurses. Rx Advantage not only offers a better packaging option, the package actually helps in the reduction of errors, thanks to the information  printed right on the Advantage Pac, something impossible for a blister pack.

The built in safety features of the Rx Advantage Pac is a great benefit to patients and staff alike. Thanks to Rx Advantage nurses are happier, residents are happier, which, as Director of Nursing, makes me happier.

Would you recommend Rx Advantage, Inc., to a peer or other facility?

I am constantly telling colleagues about Rx Advantage. The company, their product and their customer service are really that good! Rx Advantage takes a lot of the stress and worry out of my job as Director of Nursing.