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Healthcare Reform Bill
Customer Testimonial
Carol Knight, VP Senior Housing
Noland Health Services, Assisted Living & Specialty Care

What do you like best about Rx Advantage, Inc.?
The quality assurance controls Rx Advantage has in place make me very comfortable with the company. Rx Advantage offers both the benefits of a large organization and the personalized service of a hometown pharmacy.

What do you like most about the Rx Advantage Pac method?
The Rx Advantage Pac is great. This system has reduced med-pass times between 30 and 50%. Thanks to the Rx Advantage Pac med-pass system nurses now have approximately two additional hours per shift to provide more focused resident care. Also, the Rx Advantage Pac helps to ensure accuracy in medication
by providing all of the information needed right on the packaging.

Rx Advantage allows us to purchase a seven-day supply of medication. Some pharmacies require the purchase of greater than seven days. With Rx Advantage, if the payor source changes the billing can be changed on that day since it is not billed in advance. Residents and family members like Rx Advantage because they are no longer being billed for a thirty-day supply of medications when only three or four days are needed.

What are nurses saying about Rx Advantage?
After the very first med-pass with Rx Advantage nurses were saying,“WOW! This is great.” Rx Advantage is a new and unique approach to a process that has not been updated in 30 years. Nurses love Rx Advantage. In today’s market everyone has to be as efficient as possible without sacrificing attention to detail. Rx Advantage allows the nursing staff to maximize time on their shift by reducing the time spent on the med-pass.

Would you recommend Rx Advantage, Inc., to a peer or other facility?
Yes! If a facility is looking for a way to increase nursing efficiency and make the nurses job easier, Rx Advantage is a great way to accomplish both.Changing to a new pharmacy is one of the biggest transitions that can happen in a long term care facility. Rx Advantage made that transition very easy.