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Healthcare Reform Bill
Customer Testimonial
Michael P. Vickers, M.P.A., NHA
Hanceville Nursing & Rehab Center, Inc.

How was your transition to Rx Advantage handled?
Considering the potential transition was stressful, but it deserved much consideration. The actual transition was non-eventful and not stressful. It was well planned, executed, and followed-up upon, so there were no loose items that were not addressed quickly. The team members were experienced and calm and it was great to watch competence and confidence unfold.

What are your nurses saying about the Rx Advantage Pac?
The nurses believe and embrace the Rx Advantage Pac and would not like to go back to bubble cards. It is a more robust solution and allows the nurses to think about other aspects of care as opposed to searching for a bubble card. Tearing is always easier on the nurses vs. popping the pills out of the bubble cards.

What value has your facility received by partnering with Rx Advantage for your needs?
The true and gem values of partnering with Rx Advantage are:
a) responsiveness,
b) accuracy from an overall perspective,
c) our employees do not have to spend time to resolve pharmacy system problems on a daily or weekly basis,
d) Rx Advantage calls at any hour when an order is questionable, so we work to get it as desired initially and not generate problems,
e) understanding and supporting us on various nursing home initiatives that may or may not be related to pharmacy, and
f) circling back with us continuously to validate we are a content customer.

Would you recommend Rx Advantage to a peer or another facility?
Yes. Rx Advantage is not afraid to work on generating a happy customer and the team strives to do so daily.