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Healthcare Reform Bill
Customer Testimonial
Valerie Scoggins, Executive Director
Sylacauga Health and Rehab Services, Inc.

How was your transition to Rx Advantage handled?
The transition from our current pharmacy to Rx Advantage was the easiest transition that I have ever experienced when changing pharmacies. An Rx Advantage representative came to our facility, educated all of our nursing staff, and walked us through every step of the transition. The representative was present at our facility on every shift until all the nurses felt comfortable with the transition.

What are your nurses saying about the Rx Advantage Pac?
My nurses were actually angry with me at first and did not want to leave our existing pharmacy and certainly did not want to learn a new system. Once they learned how to administer medications with the Advantage Pac, my nurses would not go back to the bubble packs and are very thankful that we changed to Rx Advantage! The Advantage Pac is so much easier to administer medications and it saves my nurses a lot of time on their med pass.

What value has your facility received by partnering with Rx Advantage for your needs?
By changing to Rx Advantage, my nurses have more time to spend with their residents and families. We have also saved a large amount of money with this system and we have very little medication waste compared to the bubble packs!

Would you recommend Rx Advantage to a peer or another facility?
I would highly recommend changing to Rx Advantage's system and service! We had excellent customer service with our previous pharmacy and were all worried that we would not have that same great customer service. Rx Advantage has exceeded our expectations on customer service!! They have treated us like their family and are always there when we need them!