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Healthcare Reform Bill
Customer Testimonial
Jane Scrivner, Executive Director
Somerby of Mobile

How was your transition to Rx Advantage handled?
It was much easier that any transition we have collectively experienced to date in our careers as healthcare professionals. They met with residents/families and they were present on each shift to train our nurses until they all felt comfortable with the process. They deliver on their promises and they are open to listening to their business partners. New admission and medication changes are handled promptly.

What are your nurses saying about the Rx Advantage Pac?
The packs are more convenient to use and help with time management. Nurses are always able to get a staff member when needed for questions, etc.

What value have you received by partnering with Rx Advantage for your needs?
Multi-dose packaging has helped to reduce overall nurse time dispensing medications to our residents. We appreciate the relationship with Rx, the timely resolutions to concerns, the training opportunities for nurses and the quarterly QA audits performed by Rx account manager. Family billing complaints are negligible.

Would you recommend Rx Advantage to a peer or another facility?
Yes, we would recommend. Rx delivers consistent above average service with quick follow up to our question/concerns.